Website Content

Time and again we hear stories of people who engage web developers to build their websites, but when it's ready to go they are left waiting for the client to send over the written content.

Why is this? Because writing your own website content is hard.

It's hard to step back and write objectively.

It's hard to write about yourself in the way that your audience want.

It's hard to get started and even harder to find the time to finish.

If this sounds like you. Don't worry, you're not alone!

Writing content for websites is a skill, one you've never needed before. Instead of beating yourself up, give Suzanne at Story Gem a call. We will take the pressure off, streamline the process and get to the heart of your core message without stressing you out.

All our website content is written with SEO in mind and with the aim of engaging your target audience.

Contact us for a website content quote today.