Web Content Writing

As your online shopfront, your website is an extremely important part of your business. I often hear of web designers who are left waiting to receive the wording from their clients for a new site. Lots of business owners want to write their website content themselves, because they know the business intimately and are best placed to do so. But it's hard.

The reality is that when you're running a business there are so many demands on your time. It's almost impossible to find the mental space and time to write all of your website content yourself.

By working with Story Gem, together we can create dynamic content for your website that sounds like it was written by someone who knows your business inside-out. You provide the details while Story Gem does the writing and polishing. And before you know it, it's finished!

Don't leave your website on the long-finger any longer. Give yourself a break and give Story Gem a shout today.

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