Story Gem’s Story

Pipe Dream?

I always dreamed of being a writer. One of my top strengths is diving into research and then looking at an issue from different points of view so that I can understand it better. I first learned this as a child through my love of reading. Books were so high on my agenda that I thought there couldn’t be any better job than being a writer. However, as I grew up I listened to and believed all of those negative voices I met along the road which told me it was only a pipe dream.

Going Off Track

After school, I took the ‘sensible’ approach to my studies and career by opting to pursue a degree in science. Maths are like my kryptonite – what was I thinking? It didn’t take too long for me to realise I was on the wrong path going nowhere fast.

At the age of 21, I managed to realign myself with my creativity with a move into the theatre industry. I spent almost ten years in theatre, working to bring fictional worlds to life onstage. But, I was still on the wrong side of the action. As a stage manager I organised, planned and scheduled the work but had little involvement in the creative process.

Taking the Plunge

In 2010, I realised that if I could make my way in the notoriously unpredictable world of theatre, I could take a risk as a writer. I enrolled in university as a mature student, learned all I could to hone my craft, and finally, here I am! I now work for myself, using my key skills on a daily basis to do a job that I love! Not only do I get to write all day long, I also get to help people build their own livelihoods in (for me) the best way possible. When the business is doing well, I am also in the privileged position of deciding what happens with the profits – and because it is important to me, every year a sizeable proportion of my business profits goes to charity.

We all have a unique combination of special talents and we can either embrace them or let them go to waste. For a long time, I doubted my writing skills. Through studying for my degree in English, I gained confidence and now I can see that I have been given a gift and it’s up to me to decide what to do with it. I can use it to spread ideas of value to lots of people, helping others develop their business, and making myself happy in the process, or I can continue beating my head against a brick wall in a career that doesn’t suit me. I choose writing.

Being True to Ourselves

Writing is part of who I am. I understand the importance of telling your authentic story in business and I want to help as many people as possible do this. You’re not one of the crowd. Both you and your business are unique – just like me and Story Gem. Through trial and error, I have found out how to be true to myself, and now I want to help you do that too.

When we are brave enough to tell our true story, we can drop the façade to make way for the real us in our businesses, we feel more comfortable as a result and people are given the opportunity to really ‘get’ us. It’s powerful stuff!

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