At Story Gem we love to spend most of our time writing great content to grow your business.

We specialise in you, our clients, understanding you and your business first, then turning that understanding into blogs, website content, press releases, speeches, and much more.

Proofing & Copy-editing

Proofreading content before publishing is a vital part of creating professional content. But most of the time, it's hard to spot our own errors as we're too close to the project.

For peace of mind, Story Gem can proof your work for you.


Story Gem hosts small group training workshops for business owners and employees who are in a position to write their own content, but just need a little bit of support and some insider tips.

Available in-house by request.

Get Started

Ready to stop banging your head against the keyboard?

Give Suzanne at Story Gem a call today to discuss how we can take the pressure of writing off you so that you can get back to doing what you do best.

Complete Business Writing Solution

All-in Copywriting Packages

Story Gem's all-in copywriting packages are designed for business owners who run a successful business but want to get more traction.

We will design a 6-month content schedule which will let the world know about all the wonderful work you're doing.

No more hiding your light under a bushel - it's your time to shine!

Opening soon - contact us to register your interest.

Discover your brand voice

Story Gem works with businesses on a consultancy basis to help them identify their brand voice.

Without a clear, cohesive brand voice embedded in each communication with your audience, they will get confused.

In a three-hour brand voice workshop you will discover exactly what your key message is, how to share it and how to engage your audience every time.

brand voice lightbulb blackboard

Don't wait

Your audience won't wait around, so why should you?

Take control of your content marketing today. Call Suzanne at Story Gem to start producing content that hooks your audience and keeps them engaged.