Why Story Gem - One in a Million

Why Story Gem

The Story Gem difference is twofold:

  • Our ideal clients are people who are passionate about helping their clients in a meaningful way. Pairing these clients with Story Gem's passion for writing creates a potent combination - and excellent work.
  • At Story Gem, Suzanne has married her creative flair, ability to articulate, and empathetic nature, to offer a service unlike any other.

The Process

  • Have a chat & get to know you
  • Find out what everyone else is doing
  • Make you stand out using our insider knowledge
  • Put it altogether



Sound Simple?

In some ways, it is. The whole process is not rocket science, but it requires an understanding of people, business and language in order to do it just right.

Understanding the subtleties of language and putting them to use in your content is very important, this is where Suzanne's passion for language and literature come to the fore.

As a highly intuitive, empathetic person, with a keen interest in psychology and sociology, Suzanne reads between the lines and helps your audience to do so too.

The nitty gritty parts of the process, such as competitor research and ensuring your content gets found through search engine optimisation (SEO), are elements that you don't need to worry about with Story Gem. Just set us on the right path, and off we go!

Got any questions, contact us.

Next Steps...

Itching to get going? Drop me a line and we can get started really soon!

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