Blog Packages

As small business owners, it's difficult to find the time to update the company blog on a regular basis.

With a 6 or 12-month blog package from Story Gem you know you'll never be stuck for a blog. And your audience will always have fresh material to engage with.

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Website Content

It's hard to know what to write on your website. There's so much to think about too - SEO, engagement, tone of voice, the list goes on.

Get it right first time, with Story Gem. We'll discover your brand voice and write content that engages and retains your audience.

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Business Writing

Story Gem is your business writing partner. Whether you need a feature article written, or a press release. If your business plan needs to be refined or a tender document polished, Story Gem is on hand.

We focus on your core story and create what your business needs around it.

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How it works

Trusting someone else to write your business copy is a big decision. After all, it's your business!

At Story Gem, our focus is on you and your business, the solutions you've developed to your customer's everyday problems and what makes you jump out of bed every morning.

You are unique and so too is your business, so getting to know you is a key part of how Story Gem weaves its magic.

A successful business is one with heart. We find out what that heart is made of and write your content in such a way that your audience will love your business as much as you do (well, almost)!

At Story Gem, crafting your content is a collaborative process, we'll ask lots of questions, do some research and then get to work - but nothing is signed off until you're happy.

At Story Gem, content creation is easy and fun.

Suzanne May-022

writing s.o.s?

If you've landed here because you're struggling to finish a piece of written content, breathe. Help is at hand.

Contact Suzanne at Story Gem to get expert writing help today.