In the beginning

I began my career in the theatre industry, working as a stage manager. Every night, between breaks in cues, I would listen to the actors deliver their lines onstage. I noticed how certain lines made my heart skip a beat every single night. Great writing never gets old.

One day, I grew tired of standing in the shadows - literally! I took my dusty old dream of being a writer off the shelf and decided it was time to bring it to life.

When I started writing, I found that my skills could help people in a broader way than I thought possible. I truly admire entrepreneurs. They start with the germ of an idea and grow it into a business that supports their whole family over time.

Being able to write is a gift. It is also a necessity for business. It is an honour to work with business owners, helping them to shape their story so that their audience connect with their brand in a deep & meaningful way.

Helping small business owners create a bigger impact and reach more people is what drives me. Small businesses make change happen in this world - and I get to be a part of that.

We all have gifts. I can use mine to help you share yours with the world. That's the best kind of collaboration.

the Story Gem Difference

Story Gem offers a copywriting service with a difference. We use the techniques that have been employed in storytelling for centuries to hook your audience and turn them from idle browsers into loyal fans.

The Story Gem difference is that we specialise in you, our client. We know that you're not the same as everybody else. When we get to the heart of your story we can develop engaging written materials for every area of your business, so that you don't have to.

When you work with Story Gem, your unique story will be front and centre of all your business writing - which is how it should be.

Suzanne May of Story Gem

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